The healthcare sector is diverse, and there is a constant demand for trained and experienced professionals. There’s no denying that doctors, physicians and nurses make good money, but that doesn’t undermine the other roles that are relevant to running healthcare facilities. One such role is that of a medical assistant. If you don’t want to wait for years to get your degree and start earning, becoming a medical assistant may suit your interests. Here’s a quick look job outlook and description.

Job description

Medical assistants do various clinical and administrative tasks at various healthcare facilities, including outpatient care centers, physician’s offices, hospitals and so on. From greeting patients, to keeping up records, updating doctors, they do all sorts of admin jobs. If a medical assistant is given a clinical role, he/she is expected to assist doctors during appointments, prep patients for the appointment, draw blood, and complete basic blood tests.

Becoming a medical assistant

This is practically very simple. All you need is the right school that offers medical assistant programs. If you check online for MA programs in Phoenix, you will find quite a few options. We recommend that you select a school based on credibility, and do check the course contents and if the program is accredited.

Working Conditions

All medical assistants are expected to work as a part of the extended medical team, so they need have some understanding of team work. They also have day-to-day chores to manage at the clinic or facility they work for, and the work hours may vary. Many clinics are available for patients on weekends, so that may impact work schedule, but typically, medical assistants work through the weekdays.

Earnings and beyond

Formal training is critical for becoming a medical assistant, and it is absolutely necessary to figure out the salary outlook, which may vary by state. The median annual average salary is somewhere around $33,000 as of 2019, and this is expected to rise considerably in years to come.

Final word

If you want to know more on training programs, do check the website of The American Association of Medical Assistants. Your career as a medical assistant can be hugely satisfying, and the role is not same as that of a nursing assistant, although both require formal training. The demand for medical assistants is predictably high, so the overall scope, earnings are likely to get better. More importantly, this is a job, where no two days are same. You will also learn many things on the job!