Knowledge is like food for man and education is vital for developing our knowledge. Education expands one’s vision and helps us to explore new ideas. Among the different education systems offered in Houston, Classical Christian education system has garnered widespread attention combines the teachings of gospel and ideas of Western culture.

Classical Christian education system:

This system uses Bible as the foundation for learning worldly concepts. The primary focus is imparting virtue and wisdom rather than just striving for better career opportunities. If you are looking for Christian schools in Houston area visit Providence Classical School. They are one of the top schools in the area with excellent reputation for academic excellence.

With over 20 years experience the institution is armed with skilled staff. Their graduates have high college acceptance rate and score well in SAT and ACT. Their sole focus is transforming your students in an enriching way and helps them handle challenging life situations.

Compelling reasons to opt for Classical Christian school in Houstan:

Biblical worldview: Children spend a large chunk of their day at school and if you want a curriculum that mirrors the Christian ideals followed at home, Christian education works best. Here God’s word is shown to be the truth and all teachings are linked to his word which develops a stronger faith in children.

Strong academics: The system strives for academic excellence. The system is Trivium-based and focuses on:

  • Grammar skills to read well
  • Improving logical thinking
  • Rhetorical skills to speak and write effectively

Integrating different subjects: Different subjects like English`, history, science and math are not learnt as separate subjects. The lesson plans combine subjects together whilst weaving the word of God in each lesson.

Better individual attention: The class sizes are small thus enabling more interaction between staff and students. Teachers know the strengths and weakness of each of their students and provide extra assistance.

Age-specific learning: At every stage of growth we absorb details around us in a particular way. For instance kids are good at memorizing whereas as they grow students demand logical explanations. Under Classical Christian education students are taught concept based on which technique will help them grasp concepts faster depending on their age.

Time-tested method: This orderly method of education has been successfully doing wonders for over 100 years. Graduates gain knowledge on logic, history, math, science, composition and Latin and fare well in the modern world.

Education is the best gift you can offer your kids. Provide them with the best with Classical Christian education. Enroll them in a renowned Christian school in Houston for the best learning experience.