Parents are often concerned about finding the right preschool for their child. This is the stepping stone in their education, and it only makes sense to select a school that offers the best possible exposure. Even a few years back, parents had their reservations about immersion education. However, in recent years, the number of dual immersion child care centers has increased considerably. In this post, we are sharing all that parents must know about immersion education.

What is immersion education?

If you want your child to thrive in a bilingual learning environment, immersion education is the right choice. In plain words, immersion education involves teaching students in a second language, such as Spanish or French. To be more precise, the language used by teachers and instructors is the second language, while the curriculum remains the same. Given the relevance and importance of foreign language education, immersion education is a great choice for students. There is research suggesting that exposure to second language in early years may have cognitive and other benefits for children. The crux of immersion education is to learn through two languages, and it could be helpful, not just for career choices, but also for employment in the long run.

What are the benefits?

For young kids, learning a language is much easier in the early years, especially in a preschool or environment that’s more inclusive of cultures and backgrounds. The whole concept of foreign language learning becomes much easier, and it offers a more motivating reason to learn the same curriculum and content. Contrary to what many parents may think, immersion education doesn’t have to impact English-speaking or learning abilities of the child, because they will spend more time doing that outside the classroom. Children are more aware of contexts and words, when they learn and get influences of two languages at the same time. In many parts of the world, immersion education is already a norm.

Making the decision

As a parent, you may have to do your homework about immersion education and finding a preschool that’s worth your child’s intellect, but consider the idea. The number of bilingual people in the world is constantly increasing, and when you let your child learn a second language, you are automatically expanding his scope and ability to do more.

Look online for immersion preschools and pay a visit to know more on the overall system, how the class environment is like, and other things that matter.