Office supplies are crucial for small and big companies. Without them, working gets harder and at times, even impossible. What to get during the online shopping?

1. Pens – different types

When buying supplies at Staples, you can’t forget about different types of pens. They can be used by your workers in order to note some things or sign agreements, depending on the type of economic activity you are running. Nonetheless, it might be a good idea to get some pens in different colors: blue, black, red and more, depending on the office’s needs.

It’s especially important, if your workers make notes to put their work in an order. Different colours are helpful and make the employees more efficient, allowing them to mark tasks according to their importance with different colors.

2. Notebooks/calendars

Even though many companies have a fully working online calendars and note taking tools, it’s important to keep the possibility to write down some information in a traditional way. Thanks to that, even during power failure or outside the office – your workers can keep track on their tasks at hand. It’s also way easier to write down some information on paper during conversation.

3. Printer paper

It’s important for most of the offices, as it allows to print or copy documents. Trust us, you want to get a huge amount of that: it has a tendency of ending in the least expected moment, usually when you need it the most. Also, if you’re printing important documents for your customers, you might consider getting a paper with a higher grammage which is more expensive. When the paper is supposed to be used only for internal purposes, you can get the cheaper one.

4. Other office supplies

Among the important office supplies, you can find also such things as markers, pencils, erasers, sticky notes etc. It’s also a good idea to have some of those at your office: thanks to that, your employees can make their working space cleaner and more organized. This way, they won’t have trouble meeting the deadlines.

Where to get them?

If you’re only interested in getting supplies for your office by yourself, check out the stationery shop near me option at However, if you don’t have anything against getting supplies via internet, make an order and wait for the courier. It’s easy, efficient and less time consuming than regular shopping. What is more, you are not bound by the working hours of the nearest stationery shop – you can place the order whenever you want, even in the middle of the night.