There are certain things which will be recommended by senja cashew swimming lessons including:

  • Feeding the kids healthy and light snacks to ensure that they have a lot of energy before the lessons. You can embrace a few pretzels and raisins, or a small amount of peanut butter on toast.
  • Stock up on vegetables and fresh fruit. The simple carbs or sugars – the natural ones found in fresh produce are known to provide energy for the muscles of the kids without having to upset their tummies.
  • Throw in some sunflower seeds or almonds. Seeds and nuts do offer energy for long term benefits of complex carbs, without having to overfill tiny bellies.
  • Ensure that the kids drink enough water and throw bottles of water in their backpack for use after the lesson. Hydration is important for the children to keep swimming and drink more water is a habit which is healthy and has to always be encouraged.

Recipe for pre-swimming snacks

If the recipes of carrot stick and apple is not what you like as your pre-swim snack, then you should try out other recipes that might encourage vegetables and fruits and much more in that line.