Your child’s early education has a profound effect on their life-long development, shaping their growth both socially and physically. For this reason, it is important to choose the right school for your toddler. In Thailand, international schools are one of the top choices among expats and locals. They offer a range of quality services that benefit your kid in a multitude of ways.

Well-Designed Curriculum

International preschools have world class teachers who deliver a comprehensive curriculum to their students. They include an all-encompassing approach that cultivates their critical thinking skills, essential life skills, creative expression and more. Most international schools also adopt a successful curriculum from leading educational countries such as the US and the UK. Many schools also offer STEM based education to help prepare kids for the future.

Modern Facilities and Top of the Range Equipment

If you choose a leading international school in Bangkok for preschool, they will have state of the art facilities which make learning fun and enjoyable. Classrooms are designed to welcome kids and keep them motivated as they learn. They offer an optimal learning environment to ensure your children flourish. Outside of the classroom, they have the chance to explore different areas of interest and pursue a new passion. International schools have world class facilities that tend to include:

  • Libraries
  • Swimming pools
  • Dance studios
  • Multipurpose halls

Some of the top schools have integrated some of the latest technology into their campus, exposing students to the future of tech.

Exceptional Teachers

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a preschool is the teacher and the best international preschools have outstanding teachers and administrative staff. The schools only employ highly qualified teachers who excel in preschool education. International preschools provide their teachers with on-going professional development to ensure they stay on top of the latest trends in early learning.

Parental Involvement

International preschools focus on getting the parents involved to improve parent/teacher relations. They recognise that parents play a pivotal role in the development of each child’s education. They encourage parents to communicate frequently and meet for get-togethers and other social activities.

There are many advantages to choosing an international preschool for your kids. Ensuring they have access to great teachers, a range of subjects, modern facilities, and a well-designed curriculum is essential in early education. International students also have more opportunities to study abroad when they get in middle school and high school.

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