Love teaching kids and want to jumpstart your career right away? You may want to consider a resident teacher program. For the unversed, resident teacher programs allow budding teachers to get a hands-on experience in their field, with a job that’s paid for. Most programs have duration of 1 to 2 years, where teachers also get the assistance, support, and guidance of senior departmental heads and teams. Consider resident teacher programs to be similar to medical residency training in many ways. Here’s more on aspects worth knowing.

What are the benefits?

New teachers often need to learn about the basics of their profession in a hard way, with such programs, they get to shoulder responsibilities with the experts of their respective fields. All the resources, plans are provided, and teachers can expect to genuine and unbiased feedback from seniors, which further come in handy to work on teaching skills. Resident teachers have the assistance of the school when it comes tograduate school studies or improving their current profile for better jobs.

For the school, resident teachers are as important, because it allows the school to have an additional team of professionals, who work with the master teachers and departmental experts. That further also improves the teacher to student ratio, which many parents are interested in. For students, the learning experience is further improved, as they can get personalized attention in smaller classrooms. Let’s also not forget that new teachers are beaming with ideas, so they kind of add energy to classrooms in their own ways.

What to expect?

You are expected to work with grade-level & departmental teams, as an extended branch. They often have to go through the initial training programs, where they are given resources and a fair idea of what students expect and what the schools intends to offer in terms of learning ambience. You will also get feedback and constructive criticism from the departmental teaching team, which will come in handy for your professional development. Regular resident workshops and special seminars are often held from time to time, besides individual coaching in some programs.

In conclusion

Check online now to find more on resident teacher programs, and don’t shy away from asking questions when you visit a school, because this is a decision that may propel your career in the right direction. Keep in mind that the right school matters the most over everything else.