There are just some people out there who are great communicators and don’t have to be taught what is required in order to be able to reach out to people and to get their attention. Their personalities are incredibly strong and people warm to them at every encounter. People like this tend to look for a career in the tourism and hospitality field because this is where they belong. Currently, tourism is not at its highest point but it is sure to come back and when it does, there will be many careers out there for those that decide to study in the tourism industry. For most countries, tourism accounts for around 10 to 15% of their GDP and this is a figure not to be sniffed at.

If it is your hope to study international (known as บริหารอินเตอร์ in Thai) tourism, then you have chosen a career that is extremely worthwhile and so many exciting choices lie ahead of you when the tourism industry returns to full strength. If you are still a little on the fence with regard to choosing tourism for study, then maybe the following benefits of studying about the tourism and hospitality field will help to put your mind at ease.

* Every day is different – Many people complain about their jobs being boring and predictable and they grow tired of doing the same things again and again. In the tourism industry, this never happens because every day is different. You get to deal with many different situations and many different people from so many different cultures, and every day is a learning experience. There are so many dynamics involved when you choose a career in the tourism industry because you might become a tour guide, a hotel manager or an air steward, and it will provide you with many opportunities to use your personality to your advantage.

* You enjoy a flexible schedule – Working in the tourism industry is a 24 hour service occupation and so the industry needs people available at every hour of the day. This means that you get to experience many different schedules and you could be working in the daytime one week and then at night time in another. You are not stuck in an office all day and you get to be outside enjoying the sunshine just like the tourists are.

These are only two of the many benefits of pursuing a career in the tourism industry and there are many others as well. You’re going to be involved in an industry that will start growing again year on year and get back to pre-pandemic levels.