Education is a very important part of growing up and children who don’t have privileges unlike any other student find this basic commodity too hard to get. Privilege has made a huge gap between people as it is and for kids who cannot get foster care in time gets stayed behind, which is just not right for them. So when they get foster care, there should opportunities provided to them so that they can start quickly on educating themselves properly and with a head start to even this gap of privilege. Students in foster care may be unprivileged but they still pack a lot of talent for a better future and they should have equal opportunity as any other kid.

The Challenges of Foster Care Education

You must have heard about changing locations led to the downfall of a kid’s academic performance because they were taken away from their previous homes’ comfort into new surroundings where they were not comfortable instantly. This is a fact and such transfers do change a kid’s academic performance, but then think about kids in foster care; they are changing homes, areas thrice every year. One in seven students in foster care needs to change their home and school 3 times at least in one year. Now, this change only makes their life challenging since they can’t find comfort in a single place for a long time, and thus the other pleasure of school life, like making friends, meeting people, going to different parks to play and many other events are not provided to them. Thus, they never feel at home and their academics suffer because of this.

Secondly and one of the big reasons in modern times, they don’t have access to the latest or even moderate technology that most people now have. When the schools were conducted online in the times of pandemic, it became a nightmare for some students in foster care to keep up with school. Even if they are bright students, this lack of technology has made them feel unworthy of the education they deserve and they lack behind in their academic fields. Even before the pandemic, kids in foster care only had access to computers during their school classes in the labs, not at home.