A maritime safety training course is a must for people working in the shipping industry. These courses teach you everything from basic first aid to how to read charts and navigate during emergencies or other problems at sea. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies that hire seaman to require their employees to attend Maritime Safety Training before they can start to work onboard ships under their flag.

So here are five important tips that all seafarers need to keep in mind:

First of all, do your homework! Educating yourself about the common dangers of the job will help you be prepared for anything that could happen during your work.

Second, it pays to be proactive! If you see something that seems dangerous or unsafe on a ship, speak up about it as soon as possible so no one gets hurt later because of neglecting maintenance problems or safety hazards.

Thirdly, stay alert and think quick on your feet when an emergency happens! Maritime accidents can happen quickly; you need to make sure that you react fast enough before things get out of hand if another seaman is in danger.

Fourth, always have a good attitude! By keeping your cool and remaining calm under pressure you can help to diffuse dangerous situations that might otherwise escalate into much more serious events.

Finally, stay healthy by eating well and getting lots of sleep at night so you’re ready for anything life on the high seas throws at you!